Museum aan de Stroom

Antwerpen À La Carte

Museum aan de Stroom, from the rippled glass in the architecture to the different themes in the 10 story high museum: everything relates to Antwerp, the port and water. For the new permanent exhibition ‘Antwerpen à la Carte’ Haute Technique was commissioned to create several interactives.

In two touchscreens background stories from 20 local shopkeepers are revealed through audio, video, pictures and written interviews. Every story was individually designed to accentuate the beautiful historic content and the portraits shot by art photographer Sanne De Wilde.

Various hearth-related items are placed in a futuristic, illuminated background. No extra information is displayed on the wall to avoid distraction from the aesthetic experience. Instead, on three touchscreens the exact outlines of all objects can be tapped to find more information or play games. Find the contemporary equivalent to bellows or discover what proverb the Flemish have about sulfur matches.


For the shopkeepers interactive the museum has interviewed 23 people and Sanne de Wilde made 40 portraits. In total the interactive contains 10 videos, 137 paragraphs of text in three different languages, 90 audio fragments and 210 pictures.

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