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Juicebar is the central market place for visual plugins, effect and generators used in the professional video industry worldwide for concerts and events.

Videoscreens for live concerts and events are getting bigger and bigger, making video render times for visual content longer and longer. In the meantime, graphics cards and computers are getting more and more efficiency for rendering games.

Juicebar closes this gap by being the goto place for visual artists and graphic coders. We give the coder a platform to share their work and take away the pain of dealing with shady system files for Veejays. In a few simple clicks, Veejays now have access to tons of video effects that are millions of times smaller then the pre-rendered content, with the power of having live control over them. This is the future of visual content.

Juicebar is a joint venture between Haute Technique, Resolume and EyeSupply.

What we did

Haute Technique is responsible for the complete ecosystem, both the development and design, including the desktop app, website and backend. The desktop application is written in C++ using the JUCE framework. The apps are notarised, signed by Microsoft and Apple and contain our own license and update framework.

Apart from the app itself, we also make effect that can be bought through Juicebar. These plugins are written in the FFGL standard and are written in C++, making use of OpenGL and GLSL for the shaders.

Head over to get-juicebar.com to find out more

Internal tools

Apart from the app and website that are available to the public, we also developed internal tools to streamline our internal development process. These tools include encryption techniques, plugin management and a Shader Developer that is an OpenGL GLSL IDE.