Armin Only Intense

TimeCode Network

Armin van Buuren's worldtour, Armin Only Intense, is a 6 hour one of a kind experience in which all the visual and musical elements should work in perfect harmony. To achieve this feat, we created an unique piece of software called TimeCode Network. This system allows all components of the show to be synchronized by analyzing Armin’s audio output in realtime. With this data, our software generates a set of timecode streams that are then utilized to sync video, lights, CO2 and Pyrotechnics. Furthermore, every supporting artist on stage is supplied with a system-generated clicktrack.

TimeCode Network is an application that works on both mobile and laptop, and enables every production team member to see exactly what Armin is doing on stage. Tracktitles, the next track queed to be mixed, track waveforms, the playhead, current BPM , and much more is presented in an user friendly interface. TimeCode Network truly liberates the DJ and his team to direct a show with fixed elements and freestyle parts, while still synchronizing every moment of the show into a seamless whole.

Armin deployed 'Intense' throughout 2014 all around the globe.


TimeCode Network was born out of sheer curiosity and a passion for electronically dance music. We set out to research how much workable information digital CD-players could provide to -for instance- VJ’s, and used these results to build a prototype. Eventually this prototype grew out to be a solution to a lot of challenges the DJ-show industry had to deal with. Since it’s inception late 2013, TimeCode Network has been assisting multiple top-tier DJ’s to create amazing performances.

TimeCode Network from Haute Technique on Vimeo.


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